Hey There,

I'm Jen

I am a life coach who works with professional women who are overwhelmed in life. I help them learn how to be courageous, willing and open to living authentically so that they can make mistakes and still sleep at night. 


I am ready for change.

Hey there! I'm Jen

I am a life coach who works with perfectionists who are frustrated by life. I help you learn how to be courageous, willing and open in life so that you can make mistakes and still sleep at night. 

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I've got a lot of ideas for you. 

Each month I have one Intensive Coaching Session available.   It is the optimal option when you are ready to do the work NOW and need support, encouragement, and accountability.  If your life looks great on paper, but under the surface, you struggle with self-criticism, doubt, and fear you may be experiencing high-functioning anxiety. 

So what exactly can Intensive Coaching give you?

Someone You Can Count On

Know you have someone in your corner that knows their stuff. The Renew Coaching NW coaching framework is practical and robust.   All sessions are virtual, so as long as you've got wi-fi, you've got access to your coach.

A Plan You Can Trust

This isn't textbook learning - this is actional, goal-smashing, get-it-done kind of stuff.  During the Intensive session your coach will work with you to define a practical and impactful plan for the days ahead.

Results You Will Love

Renew Coaching NW clients rave about the transformation they experience. An Intensive Coaching session is personalized to you.  You define the goal, not the coach.

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!  You are about to embarq on the most productive 180 minutes of your year. 


Yes, I am Ready!

Why work with me as your coach?

Great Question!  I combine science and compassion and real life experience.  As a former biochemist + psychotherapist, I bring a unique perspective to the coaching process.  I geek out on helping you understand your brain so you can use it to your advantage.  I have a MS in Education which helps me teach new concepts in a practical approachable manner.   But not only are my educational and professional experience key, I am also a recovering perfectionist myself. Once I realized that the perfectionism mindset was getting in the way of my goals instead of helping me acheive them, everything changed for me.  I'm an ambitious high acheiver who is fiercely self-compassionate.  My wish is for you to experience this as well.

Let's do this Together!

Let's Map out the quickest way to a lighter, more authentic life. 

You have long realized there was a problem in how you felt stuck and keep getting your own way. An intensive session skips over the learning and goes straight to the strategy for change.  

How does an intensive work?

1. Authentive Living One Day Intensive where in a 3 hour session we'll dive into your paint points, goals and strategy for change.  You'll leave with a laser clear map to start implementing change so you can live with ease.

2. Authentic Living two 90 Minute Sprints.  Instead of a deep dive all in one day, we spread the work over two sessions that can be scheduled within one week or in the following week.  The focus is the same but this option leaves a little breathing room and is great for anyone who feels like they need time for ideas to marinate prior to integration. 

3. Authentic Living ongoing 1:1 Coaching.   If intense does not fit your style, ongoing 1:1 work is always an option.  The focus is on establishing a perfectly imperfect goal and then evaluating the barriers.  The ongoing 1:1 work is spacious and paced to do the work together and less of independent implementation.