Become the ____ badass you've always admired.

It's time to ______ and enjoy this life you've built. 

UNCOMPLICATED Four months of coaching support for Professional Women to live their peace, love their life, and become unstoppable.

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There's been a discrepancy between how you feel inside and what you're presenting to the world. 


It may seem like a small thing, but it's prevented you from completely stepping into your more authentic and powerful self. 


Like so many women in science & tech, your career has always come first.


But your dreams?


Those get put on the back burner.


And as a woman working in male-dominated fields, you're taught to care deeply about your image.


It’s expected that you:

-Always look put together  

-Look presentable, even "pretty"

-Act as if all is okay (no emotions allowed)

-Don't show that you're struggling

-Make it look easy


But here's the thing: YOU’RE HUMAN. 


You struggle. You feel pain. 


You often need help.


And as a human, you sometimes you need to show that on the outside, but you feel like you can't or perhaps even don't know how to ask for help.


This leads to a mismatch between your inside and outside, creating a gap and disconnect between what you’re portraying on the outside and the _________ you feel on the inside.



Imagine being able to tackle this gap and instead enjoy success that is no longer driven by:

  • FOMO

  • Worry about being locked out of the Good ol' Boys club

  • Feeling overwhelmed by moving too fast

  • Perfectionism to avoid being dropped or abandoned

Instead, Success will arrive through a transformational process in which you gradually simplify every aspect of your life – inner and outer.

I want this!

How would it feel to...

  • Have enough energy for both your career and your personal life

  • Go to bed feeling accomplished, falling asleep easily

  • Live life on your own terms

  • No longer feel guilty for your opinions

  • Be willing to be a work in progress

  • Get out of your own way

  • Never apologize for who you are at your core

Check out what others have to say about working with Coach Jen Jim.

Run, don't walk, to Renew Coaching NW. Jen is Amazing.

-Amy, Project Manager

The work I did with Jen is life-changing, and that's not an exaggeration.

-Liz, ER Physician

You’ve worked hard all your life to achieve what you’ve been able to achieve.


It’s time to enjoy it and fall in love with your life, from the inside out.


Because the truth is… you don’t have to stay stuck in the complexity of self-doubt and overthinking.


You can live with simplicity

What's different about living with simplicity? 


All your passion, integrity, inspiration, and unique qualities you have to give the world aren't buried beneath an overly complicated facade.


Currently, you still feel tremendous pressure to look perfect, be successful, meet the expectations, and apologize for your needs.


You've spent the grand majority of your life striving, achieving, and accomplishing.

And although you've built a beautiful life, it can also feel like a glasshouse of impossibly high standards. 


It can feel like you're ungrateful or selfish if you feel discontent or unfulfilled.


You can have your success and enjoy it, savor it, and fall in love with your life, all with simplicity and peacefulness that comes from your core.


And I’ve created a program that helps strong, successful women in STEM, women like YOU, to experience this level of simplicity and joy.




A 90-day  Collective for Professional Women in STEM  who are ready to simplify their lives, savor their success, and fall in love with their story without overthinking or unnecessary complexity.



During our 90 days together, you'll Re-Engineer Your Life for you and by you so you can fall in love with your life story. 


And while doing so, you’ll uncover a whole new kind of success that comes from a deep-rooted peacefulness at your core.


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When you join Uncomplicated, you'll be welcomed by other ambitious women in STEM careers, STEMpreneurs, STEM thought leaders and Students/Researchers who understand this unique struggle.


As a high achiever, you are a master overthinker. And overthinking has led you to self doubt and complexity more times than not.  


Inside Uncomplicated, we will build success from the inside out, without any unnecessary complications. 


The best part? 


You don't have to wait for benefits till the end of the program, as this is where the program starts! 


And if this is where we begin, imagine the leaps and bounds you'll take in 90 days!


Are you ready to discover simplicity so you can fall in love with your life?


Then get ready because you are about to join a robust community of badass women ready for exponential, life-shifting, internal personal growth.

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The Guiding Principles in UNCOMPLICATED 


You have a maximum limit (energetically, physically, emotionally, and more) that deserves respect. Learning to honor your capacity opens up space for things you value the most.



Life is so much more joyful and filled with ease, with a level of trust no one can shake.  Confidence can be faked.  When you give yourself permission to trust yourself, it's deep and authentic.



When you live true to your values instead of the story you've been telling yourself, you are free to design a life that lights you up.


And combining these three, you achieve SIMPLICITY - creating the spaciousness needed to unleash your own creative Genius

The longer it takes to replace overwhelm with authenticity, the longer your time & energy are held hostage.   It's time to re-engineer your life so it's custom-designed for your best success. 

Uncomplicated uses methodology rooted in cognitive behavioral research & neuroscience.  


The capped group structure (maximum of 20 women) is designed to be an incubator for you to make small internal changes to get you back to the simple, to the essential.


You're confident in your technical skills but once you step out from behind the computer or drop the labcoat, you feel exposed.


But when in an environment of care, protection, & like-minded women, it is much easier to try new things without feeling the risk. 



You'll be given all the tools & strategies you need so you feel a congruency that all areas of your life are equally confident.


You will...

  • Uncover stumbling blocks that are sabotaging you and uprooting them for good so that you can RELEASE old narratives & worry less.

  • Learn how to give yourself PERMISSION set boundaries, communicate your needs & get what you want without feeling needy, guilty, or 'too much' so that you can spend more time WITH family, your whole self, connecting and making memories. 

  • Unlock your creativity and RELEASE your passion to discover a new way of self-expression so that you have an extra flair for life.

  • Fall in love with your beautiful body from the inside out so that you can give yourself PERMISSION to walk tall and confident.

  • Be intentional with what energy you want to give the world so you no longer wake up at PEACE rather than in a panic to check and recheck work or emails

  • Be unapologetically YOU so you can live joyfully and simply.

And after the program, you’ll be able to expertly take these skills with you so you can live life on your terms from the MOMENT the program ends and for DECADES to come.

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Let me introduce myself

I'm Jen Jim, 

Personal Development Coach for women in STEM-related careers.

I have an undergraduate degree in Biology and worked as a biochemist doing breast cancer research. 
At the encouragement of one of the cancer survivors who donated tissue to my work, I went back to school to become a Psychotherapist. I obtained an M.S.Education and then a license as a professional therapist.
I taught graduate courses, became a Director of Clinical Services in a non-profit, and an Insomnia Health Educator for a Cancer Institute.
And I discovered you could take the girl out of STEM, but you can't take the STEM out of the girl.  
I am a Scientist + Teacher + Healer + Leader and I use this unique blend of skills to deliver a powerful coaching experience.

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Is Uncomplicated right for your unique life?


  1. Do you get feedback from others that you over-complicate life?

  2. Do you put pressure on yourself to both feel content & keep pursuing the "next big thing" simultaneously?

  3. Do you feel like life is a giant game of whack-a-mole trying to avoid potential failure?


If the answer to ANY of these is YES, you're in the right place, 


You'll BECOME the woman you came here to be and to live the UNCOMPLICATED life that truly lights you up.


What's next?


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Let's Get Started

Get excited! We are going to have so much fun together during this transformational journey.

All this happens via a 1-hour weekly video call, paced for easy consumption, so it doesn't add to your overwhelm.


1. Learning sessions where I geek out on the brain and share how & why you've been struggling. Over the course of 90-days we'll cover the following modules: 

a. Value Discovery

b. Energy Mapping

c. Healthy Hypothesizing

d. Life Design


2. Private Community of like-minded women ready to reclaim their authenticity.


3. Lifetime access to a custom curriculum rooted in evidence-based researched methods.


4. Direct access to me for coaching with a monthly Q&A session. 




You'll BECOME the woman you came here to be and to live the UNCOMPLICATED life that truly lights you up.

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The longer it takes to replace overwhelm with authenticity, the longer your time & energy are held hostage.   It's time to re-engineer your life so it's custom-designed for your best success. 


What's next?

1. Click any of the green buttons to save your seat. There are only 20 spots available to ensure the best outcomes.


2. You'll receive an email with your login for all the supporting material as well as a calendar will all the calls times.


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4. Get excited! We are going to have so much fun together during this transformational journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The reason I want to work with Coach Jen again is because her topics are relevant and easy to understand. She uses platforms easy to access and she listened to my timetable, which is great because I have a very demanding workload.

Rachael F. - Site Manager

Jen's methods and techniques have helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend her to others as a coach!

Becky M - Accounting