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Whole Health Workshop

You can make massive inroads on your Health goals - starting with healing your gut and gathering tools to better manage anxiety and overwhelm.
If you suffer from mild digestive symptoms & high functioning anxiety that affect your ability to work and enjoy life, deciding it’s finally time to fix the problem can be your crowning Health achievement for 2022.
It’s a decision that will still pay dividends well into next year.

Join the Whole Health Weekend Workshop to learn from me, Mental Health Coach, and Lisa Snowdon, Nutritionist, for support for both your body and your mind.

Find Calm in Your Body and Mind

As a Mental Wellness Health Coach using Acceptance and Commitment Coaching models, I’m hell-bent on helping women overcome high-functioning anxiety and reconnect with their authentic, calm, and confident selves by becoming more mentally flexible.

What's awaiting you beyond anxiety is a PRACTICE OF TAKING IMPECCABLE CARE OF YOURSELF.  And it's beautiful!


I have personal experience as a recovering perfectionist, and I know how challenging it can be to feel a disconnect from what others see on the outside and how you feel internally.


The combination of my professional background in mental health counseling, my thousands of hours of experience helping people improve their lives, and my personal experience with high-functioning anxiety makes me uniquely qualified to guide on this topic.


My goal is to provide you with effective and practical tools, guidance, and education so you can achieve your full potential by taking care of yourself first.

Available Courses and Blog Posts

Life Coaching for Professional Women

Coaching Program 

Science + Soul Coaching Collective  gives you the steps to get what you want:

  • Share more of who you really are, with confidence.
  • Do less and know yourself more.
  • Live your big dreams that both scare and excite you.

How do you get from where you are today to Living a life you LOVE?

Through a 4 Phase Program that teaches you the foundations of Mental Wellness through PEACE - PERMISSION - RELEASE - FREEDOM.

With this same process, I reclaimed peace in my core, and the rest of the journey fell into place. 


I took that experience along with well-researched neuroscience methods and created a program that is rooted in science and delivered with soul. 


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Uncovering Peace: Simplify Your Story in One Afternoon

Uncovering Peace is a custom coaching experience.  You will work directly with Coach Jen live to complete a plan to replace the largest obstacle to a live you love.  One 90 minute session followed by 2 weeks of Voxer Support fits into your busy schedule.  Three Custom Coaching Experiences available each month.

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1:1 Individual Coaching with Jen Jim


I'll be your coach for a week!  

Voxer is a free app that allows you to memo message back and forth.  It's easy and fun to have a dialog with each other, without scouring our calendars for a time that works for both of us.  (and no ZOOM meeting required)

1. Download free app

2. Find me on Voxer

3. Ask a question, name where you're stuck or even tell me you don't know where to begin and the conversations STARTS.

4. Then during office hours 10am - 6pm  CST M-Th for the week you are welcome to message and dialog as much as needed.

I want Individual Coaching

My Signature Offer is Science + Soul Coaching Collective

It's a 4-month program that combines video, audio and LIVE 1:1 coaching to help you ditch high-functioning anxiety so you can REST GUILT-FREE, conserving energy for the things and people you love

And it's available when you're ready - no need to wait for the next cohort or enrollment date.

As a high-achiever with high-functioning anxiety, I get that you don't want a group experience.  That's why my signature program is a COLLECTIVEIt’s powerful high-achieving women all working with me towards the same goal. You may not all know each other, but I know your work collectively to enhance your own lives. You also share a desire to change the patriarchal system for yourselves and the next generation. So I wanted you to know that as you do your work, you’re doing it alongside a collective of other amazing women like you. 

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FREE Offerings! 

Invigorate Your Life

In this Masterclass, we'll explore how to create more freedom in your life by changing your beliefs about living with purpose.

I'll also discuss how you can use uncertainty as a creative force that can lead to growth rather than as something scary.

 Together we'll aim for thriving: having both meaning and enjoyment in our daily lives.

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Burnout Prevention

If your internal burnout meter continues to rise despite some return to "normalcy", then please download my free Burnout Prevention Guide. It's a quick 3-page workbook that gets right to the heart of the stress driving your burnout and then gives you a script to talk to your boss about your feelings.

BONUS: 3 non-negotiable actions to add to your workdays to stop stress before it starts. 

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Reconnect with Yourself: Work/Life Blend

Learn ONE word that will bring a harmonious flow to your life.

Download a FREE workbook that helps you replace the tiresome balance between work & life with a more sustainable, easeful method.

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